how to charge an iPhone 14 with a kovol charger

How to Charge an iPhone 14 with a Kovol Charger?

Buying a new iPhone can be an exciting experience, but it can be frustrating if you don't get everything you need in the box. As phones have become more advanced, Apple has slowly removed accessories.

The iPhone 14 merely includes a USB-C to Lightning cable. Therefore, there are some necessary things you need to learn about your iPhone 14 charger adapter. If you don't have an original Apple charger or your iPhone 14 charger is lost, how do you charge your iPhone quickly when your iPhone is low on battery?

Apple Launched the iPhone 14

At Apple's Far Out event on September 7th at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET., the iPhone 14 was introduced officially. 6.1 inches iPhone 14 with impressive camera upgrades and ground-breaking new safety capabilities features a sophisticated design. It equips the A15 Bionic chip with a 5-core GPU, providing exceptional speed and efficiency for demanding and simultaneously ensuring its privacy and security.

iPhone 14

Images from Apple's official website

About vital safety capabilities, it introduces Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via satellite in leading the industry. The incredible performance of the A15 Bionic also helps enable even better battery life.

In addition to the above hard core technical advantages, the iPhone boasts a strong and stylish aerospace-grade aluminum construction in five stunning finishes.

Its lock screen is more personal, attractive, and helpful than ever, featuring a multilayered effect and newly designed widgets. However, iPhone 14 still keeps the tradition of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, which don't ship with a power adapter.

As customers, you can use a previous Apple charger or Apple's wireless charging, connect a computer system via USB, or purchase a new charger adapter or a third-party charger to charge your new iPhone.

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What if You Lose Your iPhone Charger?

As we mentioned above, charging for iPhone 14 has several ways. If you lose your iPhone charger, it is a good idea to use Apple's wireless MagSafe charging or Apple's wireless Qi charging or select a new Apple charger or a third-party charger for your iPhone.

  • MagSafe Wireless Charging

The MagSafe wireless charging puck magnetically snaps to the back of the iPhone 14. With MagSafe, the phone can achieve charging power of up to 15W. 

  • Qi Wireless Charging

Compared to MagSafe, standard Qi can work through pretty much any case on the market. With basic Qi wireless charging, the iPhone's maximum charging power is 7.5W. Although this is a slower way to charge your iPhone, it is also a convenient option if you charge it on your nightstand or similar device before bed.  

  • New Apple Original Charger Adapter

Searching for Apple's official website, the price of a 20W USB-C power adapter is $19.00 at present. The iPhone 14 is up to 50% charging power in about 30 minutes. Or buy Apple's new charger, the 35W dual USB-C port compact power adapter, or the 35W dual USB-C port power adapter; both are $59.00 and allow you to charge two devices simultaneously.

  • Third-Party Charger

In recent years, the development of third-party fast chargers has been getting better and better. Meanwhile, starting with the iPhone 8 series, all iPhones support USB PD fast charging protocol, up to 27W, which is about three times the charging speed of the standard device.

Quick charging is achieved when you use an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and one of the following adapters: Apple 18W, 20W, 229W, 30W, 61W, 87W, or 96W USB-C power adapter.

There is no doubt that wired charging always beats outs wireless for speed and efficiency. And charging with a fast charger is more convenient and faster than the standard charger.

Kovol Sprint 65W PD 2-Port GaN Wall Charger

This powerful wall fast charger in a compact size includes 2 ports, 45W PD and 18W QC, powering up two devices simultaneously and quickly. When utilizing only the PD connector, powerful 65W PD output charges your 13" MacBook Pro up to 50% in 45 minutes.


With intelligent power allocation, this PD charger intelligently distributes current for optimal output to each port. It with optimal current charges for iPhone 14, Airpods, 13" MacBook Pro, and many pop devices.

The ground-breaking GaN technology makes the wall charger easier to carry, more effortless when charging, and more efficient than standard chargers. Last but not least, it has multiple protection functions to prevent charging hazards and improve safety.

Kovol Sprint 65W PD USB-C Wall Charger

This PD charger provides 65W PD output and a 6.6ft 5A USB-C cable, powering up laptops and tablets at full speed. It supports PD 3.0 and 25W PPS fast charging protocol, compatible with MacBook Air, Galaxy S20 / Note 20, iPad Pro, and more.


Advanced GaN tech makes it smaller, safer, and more efficient for all your devices. If you need to power up your iPhone 14, you can use this wall charger to match your USB-C to the Lightning cable. Easy to achieve fast charging. Let you charge with a breeze.

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