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Are you dazzled by all the numerous types of chargers? Can't tell which charging technology is best suited to your device? Does it take you a long time to get your head around newly evolving tech terminology? Then you've come to the right place! This is the official Kovol blog, where you can find insights and advice from our team of experts. Be sure to check back here on a regular basis to keep up-to-date with essential knowledge about charging tech, industry trends, and more.

What National Parks Should You Visit This Spring?

Mar 01, 2022 KovolTeam

America’s vastness and abundant natural beauty, combined with an unrivalled variety of ecosystems that covers just about every type imaginable, it is no wonder that the land that is the U.S. is home to so many national parks. Many of which are also UNESCO world heritage sites.

11 of the Best Theme Parks in the United States

Feb 22, 2022 KovolTeam

Themes parks and amusement rides can be found all over the United States. But with an abundance to choose from, along with a desire to avoid wasting your time and hard-earned dollars, choosing the right ones to visit can be a pain in the butt.

Best Online Game Websites for 2022

Feb 15, 2022 KovolTeam

When boredom creeps in or you have nothing better to do, online game websites are an awesome place to drop by and waste hours of your not-so-precious time. No downloads are needed and with thousands of uncomplicated games across a plethora of genres, you can jump straight into playing any game of your choice with just the click of a mouse button.

Simple But Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Home

Feb 08, 2022 KovolTeam

With spring time soon on the way, what better way to cheer up your home and living space by making some upgrades to freshen the feeling. 

Awesome Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Loved One

Feb 04, 2022 KovolTeam

When Valentine’s Day comes around, there is no better feeling that that of spending some quality time with the one you love. Whether you’re stuck for ideas or just looking for some inspiration, here at Kovol we have got it covered.

The Year of the Tiger is Almost Upon Us

Jan 31, 2022 KovolTeam

2022 is the year of the Tiger—the king of all beasts according to Chinese tradition. The Tiger represents strength, courage and confidence. The Tiger is the third animal that appears on the 12-year Chinese zodiac. 

Smart Homes - The Future of Living

Jan 28, 2022 KovolTeam

Simply put, the way we are living is changing. Technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. The 2000s decade gave us a glimpse of a lot of new technology, but it was raw and un-evolved, the 2010s decade allowed us to build on that and develop it further. Now, in the 2020s decade it really feels like we are on the cusp of living in the future. The age of technological advancement is definitely here.