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Portable devices now essentially rule our lives. Whether it's remaining connected to others, paying for goods, watching video content or just scanning the never-ending amount of QR codes, your smartphone is probably the essential item in your daily life. Put, without you would be stuck.

When smartphones and other devices play such an essential role in our lives, you need a capable charger on hand to power up quickly. Here we look at the best USB wall charger for getting your devices fueled up fast.

The rapid evolvement and capabilities of modern mobile devices now advance at unbound speeds, and with these increases in performance and functionality comes an increase in power consumption. Your device's battery is hungrier than ever for more fuel - Something we know a lot about at Kovol, where we're designing new ways that fast-charging technology can work for you.

What is a Wall Charger?

A wall charger, otherwise known as a USB charger, is essentially a plug with a USB port that plugs directly into a power outlet and is used for charging your smartphone and other portable devices.

Out-of-the-box wall chargers included with the device you buy are acceptable as a basic charging unit. Still, these chargers are only intended for the device they come with and lack the versatility and intelligent charging needed to charge any device.

Why is it Called a Wall Charger?

Wall chargers go by several names and, as mentioned above, are known generically as USB chargers or less frequently as plug chargers, but they are also known as fast chargers, GaN chargers, and USB-C chargers.

Additionally, they are sometimes referred to using the name of the charging protocol they use, such as PD (Power Delivery), Quick Charge (Qualcomm), and PPS, which Samsung commonly uses.

Types of Wall Chargers

Wall chargers are generally split into three groups; single-port, dual-port and multi-port chargers. Most single-port chargers now utilize a USB-C port, while dual- or multi-port wall chargers may contain a combination of USB-C and the traditional USB-A port.

Wall chargers also come with many different power outputs, usually rated in watts (W). Single-port wall chargers are usually about 20-30W, but multi-port types can be between 60-100W. With the latter, more powerful ones are capable of charging some laptops. To put things in comparison, the old style of 5V/1A USB chargers that we used in the past had an output of 5W.

Points to Consider when Buying a Wall Charger

An important thing to consider when buying a wall charger is what you need to charge from it, how many devices you will demand from it, and whether you need both USB-C and USB-A options or just USB-C.

What you need to remember is that for dual- and multi-port wall chargers, the rated wattage will always be shared across any connected devices. 

So that is to say, a wall charger with a maximum output of 65W with 3 charging ports will utilize the total 65W of power for one device when only that device is connected.

If you connected other devices, that would be shared across those devices at the manufacturer's configuration. A 100W USB-C wall charger with 4 ports could, in theory, fast-charge a MacBook Pro 16", but if other devices were connected, that 100W of power would be split across the devices.

 A quick breakdown of points to consider when buying a USB wall charger are:

  • What it is you need to charge
  • How many devices do you want to charge
  • The power output required if charging more extensive devices, such as laptops
  • The split power output configuration when multiple devices are connected 

In general, if you're charging one smartphone, any single-port USB-C charger will suffice for the average user, but it gets more complicated if you're going to be charging more than one device or more than one type of device.

What is the Fastest Wall Charger? 

Introducing 2 juicy chargers from Kovol:

Kovol Sprint 65W PD USB-C Wall Charger

The Kovol PD GaN 2-Port high-performance charger can deliver up to 65W of power and intelligently detect connected devices, providing the best output for optimized speeds. Advanced GaN semiconductors make the charger smaller, faster, and more efficient.

  • Fast-charge two devices at a time
  • 65W PD output for laptops
  • Intelligent power distribution for optimized speeds
  • Advanced GaN technology for the most efficient charging
  • 53% smaller than an original charger
  • Foldable pins for easy carry
  • Complete safety with temperature regulation
  • 100-240V compatibility
65W PD USB-C Wall Charger

Kovol Sprint 61W PD GaN Wall Charger

The Kovol 61W PD wall charger boosts your MacBook Pro 13" up to 50% in 60 mins. Using innovative GaN technology and multiple fast-charging protocols, this ultra-compact charger with 100W USB-C charging cable provides fast, powerful, and safe charging for any compatible device.

  • 61W Max. PD for MacBook Pro 13"
  • 50% smaller than original chargers
  • 100W USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Latest GaN technology for the most efficient charging
  • 25W PPS fast-charging for Galaxy smartphones
61W PD GaN Wall Charger


Kovol wall chargers are designed to charge your devices in the fastest possible times by utilizing the maximum available power. Kovol wall chargers are smart chargers.

Why are they innovative? They implement the latest charging technology, which intelligently controls the power output and distribution for maximized efficiency while protecting your battery.

In short, Kovol is now offering some of the best USB wall chargers out there. Don't miss out — Check out all Kovol wall chargers here.