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You’ll earn up to 15% commission per sale when you refer customers to Kovol.
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What Can You Get from Our Affiliate Program?

Generous Commission

You’ll earn up to 15% commission per sale, with even more special incentives and bonuses awaiting!

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Be the first to access new Kovol products before their release to the general public.

Dedicated Support Team

We have a committed, professional affiliate support team to assist you with any problem.

Who Is the Kovol Affiliate Program for?


Yes! An outstanding KOL or influencer like you who creates compelling content is right up our alley!


We’re hoping for a solid collaboration with review sites, brand agents, sponsors, and promotion agencies!

Anyone with Private Traffic

Want to share Kovol’s products with your group, community, business partners, or other social contacts? Don’t hesitate to join us now!

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Minimum Requirements of Affiliate Program:

At least 5K followers on your channel

1K+ average views of your video/post

Your content output is tech/gadgets/electronics related, or related to our products

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