Kovol Sprint 120W 4-Port PD Desktop Charger

Unveiling the New Kovol Sprint 120W 4-Port PD Desktop Charger

A 4-in-1 Powerhouse Capable of Charging All Your Devices

The Kovol Sprint 120W 4-Port PD Desktop Charger, featuring both twin PD and QC charging ports, is a charging station like no other. Designed around Kovol’s own proprietary Q-Pulse technology, it’s mighty 120W output allows for boosted charging speeds. Charging performance in this category reaches a new level, and this is backed up by tests that have shown the Kovol Sprint can charge a MacBook Pro 16” in just 1.7 hours via its USB-C output (100W max).

Kovol Sprint 120W 4-Port PD Desktop Charger

Intelligently allocated power maximizes efficiency by distributing optimal power to each of the connected devices, getting the most out of the available energy. This in turn means all your devices, be it MacBook, tablet or smartphone are getting fueled up in ultra-quick time.

In addition to this, the Kovol Sprint 120W charger utilizes GaN technology meaning it is more compact than typical 100W chargers - 20% smaller in fact, and the superior components of GaN chargers provide better heat transfer and higher operating performance.

Furthermore, Kovol places a strict focus on the safety of all its products. So much so that even with all relevant safety standards and certifications achieved, a dedicated department relentlessly tests all new products for assurance that they are safe in the hands of end-users. 

Kovol are so sure of the performance and quality of the new 120W 4-Port PD Desktop Charger, that a warranty of up to 24 months is provided, allowing you to purchase with confidence.

Here are a few points to consider if you’re thinking of ordering one:

  • It will charge your devices up to 2.5x faster than standard chargers.
  • It can power ALL your USB-C compatible devices - from smartphones to tablets & laptops.
  • Superior charging efficiency and less heat - better for both your pocket and the environment.


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