how to choose the best laptop charger

How to Choose the Best Laptop Charger?

Laptops can make users' work more comfortable because they have batteries that can run for hours without being limited by power cords. However, it must be charged regularly to keep the laptop running. A non-functioning or damaged laptop charger will delay work. But how to find the right model when purchasing a new laptop charger? This article covers everything you should consider when selecting the best laptop charger.

the best laptop charger

Types of Adapters for Laptops

The power supply in a house is typically 100V-240V alternating current (AC), whereas the power supply in a car or airplane is typically 12V direct current (DC). 

However, the laptop requires a constant voltage and stable direct current power supply. You can't charge your laptop directly if the normal power supply is unstable. Otherwise, the battery and motherboard circuit will be damaged.

A power adapter is invented for such a situation. Its basic operation is to convert the unstable power supply into the constant voltage and stable direct current required by the laptop via a power conversion device such as a Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS). Typically, there are three types of laptop chargers:

AC Adapter

DC power is used by laptops, phones, gaming computers, and home game consoles. This adapter converts AC power from a household electrical outlet to DC power that can be used by most small appliances or to charge their battery when they are not in use.

DC adapter

There are numerous DC power sources in everyday life, such as car and airplane sockets, solar panels, and power banks. When plugged into such a power source, it appears the laptop can be used directly; however, most DC power supplies do not provide enough voltage to run the laptop. As a result, a DC power adapter is required to take that power and convert it to a higher voltage that the laptop can use.

Universal Power Adapter

This type of adapter can theoretically charge any laptop and works with any power supply and voltage. It is also known as a generic laptop charger. However, because many laptops use different connector styles, the connectors included with this adapter may not work with your device.

How Many Volts Are Required to Charge a Laptop?

Lithium-ion (LiIon) batteries are used in almost all laptops. Each battery comprises a few LiIon cells connected in a "string." Laptops typically require 19V DC input, which is sufficient for charging up to four Li-Ion batteries in series with the help of a buck converter to reduce excess voltage effectively. 

If the adapter's voltage does not match the voltage required by the laptop, the adapter will be unable to generate the effective charge required to power the laptop. Excessive voltage can overload your laptop's circuits, so finding the right voltage is critical to avoiding short circuits.

Is It Safe to Use a Generic Laptop Charger?

As long as the parameters match, a generic laptop charger can be used safely. For example, if a laptop powered by a USB-C cable requires 30W of power, a charger with a 30W output power and a USB-C output connector will suffice to charge it. 

When purchasing a generic laptop charger, make sure the product specifications on the charger's packaging match those on your laptop to ensure you're getting the right product compatible with your laptop.

What to Consider when Buying the Right Laptop Charger?

When buying a laptop charger, you should look for specifications and parameters that match, such as input and output interface types, input and output voltage, output current, output power, and other information. You can such details can be found in the body of the notebook or the user manual.

The output connector, which is directly connected to the laptop, is the most important component. There are four types of connectors: barrel connectors, snap and lock connectors, Molex Connectors, and USB Connectors.

Before purchasing a laptop charger, ensure that the connectors are perfectly matched. Purchasing the incorrect connector is not only a waste of money and time but may also cause voltage instability and damage to the laptop. 

If you need a charger that can charge a laptop and another device simultaneously, this dual-port charger from Kovol is an excellent choice.

This Kovol 2-port PD GaN charger can charge up to 2 devices simultaneously with 45W PD output for a laptop and 18W QC output for a phone. If used alone, the PD port of this charger can provide 65W output to fast charge a 13" MacBook Pro up to 50% in just 45 mins. 

Kovol 2-port PD GaN charger

It is built with GaN tech and multiple safety protection features, making it smaller, safer, and more efficient than standard chargers. 

With an ultra-compact shape (2.16 "x2.16" x1.33") and foldable prongs, it is 53% smaller than the stock 61W charger, which makes it easy to carry and store. Now it is available on Kovol's online store at a favorable price of only $39.99! 

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