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How Can I Prolong the Life of My Apple iPhone Charger?

How Long Do iPhone Chargers Last?

An Apple iPhone charger typically works flawlessly for a year. After about a year, the cable section close to the port starts to fray.

The conductors inside the cable sheath may be exposed in extreme cases. At that point, using that cable becomes dangerous.

Be sure to get your charger to stop working or pose a safety risk. Buy a new charger from an authorized reseller or the Apple Store.

Of course, some users have used the same charger successfully for years without issues. The lifespan of your iPhone charger will also depend on how you use it.

Can I Use Android Charger for iPhone?

In some cases, charging an iPhone with an Android charger may be possible. In other words, you'll have to rely on the power adapter that came with your Android. iPhone charging cables are proprietary and incompatible with any Android device.

The best way to explain this situation is to look at the various charging cables and ports found on different iPhone generations. So, first, look over the table below.

different iPhone generations

As you are probably aware, you need two things to charge your iPhone. First, there is a charging cable. For a long time, Apple has used charging cables with a Lightning connector on one end (the end that goes into your iPhone). On the other end of those charging cables, iPhones use USB-C (for newer models) or USB-A (for older models) connectors.

Afterward, a power adapter is also required to charge your smartphone. As previously mentioned, newer iPhones include cables with USB-C or USB-A connectors, so their charging adapter must have a USB-C or USB-A port.

How to Prolong the Life of an iPhone Charger?

If you misuse your iPhone charger, it will quickly wear out and become damaged. Here are some pointers to help answer the question, "How can I make my iPhone charger last longer?"

Apply Shield

Install a spring on the end of your charger cable to prevent it from easily bending. If you want to keep your line secure, you can try this. You can also use the cable protector in addition to this. The cable protector resembles a threaded telephone cable and plugs into the iPhone charger cable. These colorful cable protectors protect the charging cable and make it look nice.

Disconnect iPhone Cables Slowly and Gently

The cable can be damaged when iPhone users disconnect the charging cable roughly and carelessly. So, when plugging or unplugging the charger, go slowly and gently to avoid damaging the line or the charger.

Coil Charging Cable Properly

The most frequent cause of cable breakage is pressure-induced cable bending. You might harm the iPhone cable if you coil it incorrectly. Since the cable's internal wires are so delicate, winding it requires caution. As the cable needs to be looped two to three times, what you can do is gently coil it. After that, you must tuck both ends of the line into the loop without bending it.

Disconnect the Cable from the Power Outlet when Not in Use

After charging your phone, you may occasionally leave the iPhone charger plugged into the power source. Because it reduces durability, it isn't suitable for your iPhone adapter and charging cable. Therefore, to prevent damage to the charger cable, unplug your charger from the power outlet after you have finished charging your phone.

Own Backup Charger

Another factor that causes damage to your charger cable is that you use it more frequently and carry it everywhere. While traveling, you usually connect your charger cable to the power bank. Furthermore, you keep the line from the adapter after charging while at home, reducing your charger's lifespan. So, try to avoid these blunders, and you can also have more than one charging cable.

Avoid Stretching the Charger Cable

Refrain from stretching the iPhone charger cable because it is very delicate. Additionally, while charging, make sure your phone is flat and lying straight down, not hanging from the charger. If you take these simple precautions, your cable will be protected, and you won't have to worry about how long an iPhone charger lasts because it will last for years.

Avoid Using Your iPhone While Charging

Stop using your iPhone while charging because doing so causes tension on the lightning cord, which brings breakage and easier wear and tear.

These cations can make a significant difference in the average lifespan of an iPhone charger. Furthermore, you won't have to wonder how long iPhone chargers last because they will last longer if you follow the above steps.

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