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Differences Between The Anker and Kovol 25W Wall Chargers

With so many third-party USB charging options on the market, it can be a minefield when looking at which one to buy. 

Amazon is full of countless wall chargers, all claiming to be the latest and greatest charger you can buy. But the reality is that many of the manufacturers of these chargers cut corners by using generic, mass-produced components that are often inferior in quality to the brands that make better chargers.

Two notable brands setting the bar in the fast-changing industry are Anker and Kovol. Virtually everyone is familiar with Anker, and while Kovol is a much newer brand, they have clearly outlined its strategy. It produces innovative, premium chargers capable of meeting the fast-changing needs of the charging world.


Kovol is a ground-breaking brand in the high-speed charging industry that's redesigning how charging technology works for the consumer. 

Kovol is constantly introducing innovative ways to make its charging products safe, reliable and fast. Longevity is another feature Kovol strive for, as we want to provide only the best quality products that keep your devices powered for years to come.

The two chargers we are looking at in this article are the Anker 25W PD wall charger and the Kovol Sprint 25W PD wall charger. So let's take a look at the comparison below.

Features of the Anker 25W Wall Charger

  • Capable of fast charging Galaxy S21 models in just over an hour
  • Compact and portable with foldable prongs
  • Equipped with Anker's MultiProtect safety system to keep your devices safe
  • Utilizes PowerIQ 3.0 technology for optimized charging of all devices
  • 18-month warranty
Anker 25W Wall Charger

Features of the Kovol Sprint 25W Wall Charger

  • Super-fast PD 3.0 and PPS charging can charge Galaxy S21 models to 50% in just 26 mins
  • 25% smaller than stock chargers with foldable prongs for easy storage
  • All-round safety for complete protection, plus cTUVus, FCC, and DOE certification.
  • Universal compatibility for all models; Galaxy, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Android
  • 5ft USB-C to USB-C cable included
  • 24-month warranty
Kovol Sprint 25W wall charger

What are the main differences between the two chargers?

When comparing the two chargers from above, it's clear that both are excellent charging options that can power up your devices in the fastest possible times. 

But a few standout differences are that the Kovol charger comes with a 5ft USB-C charging cable, plus a 24-month warranty as opposed to the 18-month warranty offered by Anker. It also differs in appearance, in that it's smaller and of a more compact shape.

Other differences


The overall appearance of both products is matte black with a simple product structure and design features. 

However, the Anker charger is more elongated and oversized in overall design specifications.

The Kovol charger adopts a more simple and atmospheric design, with a minimalist aesthetic that can be likened to Apple's design philosophy. 

At the same time, the charger exudes a modern appearance due to its minimalist cube structure, which is also pleasing to the eye.

Product size and weight

The product dimensions are as follows; The Anker 25W wall charger is 1.97*1.77*1.14 inches; while the Kovol 25W wall charger is 1.65*1.65*1.14 inches.

So in terms of size, the Kovol 25W wall charger beats the comparable Anker wall charger. Both feature foldable prongs, but the more compact and cube-shaped Kovol charger gives it its more pleasing aesthetics.

In terms of weight, both chargers weigh 60g.

Compatible protocols

In terms of charging, both Anker and Kovol wall chargers feature the latest PPS and PD 3.0 charging protocols. They are compatible with all models of USB-C authorized devices, including Samsung Galaxy, iPhone and other Android smartphones.


After considering the above points and comparisons, we can rest assured that the Anker and Kovol 25W wall chargers are capable devices that will fast-charge your smartphone in as little time as possible. 

So to decide as to which to buy isn't easy. But looking at the more minor details, it does seem that the Kovol 25W wall charger offers a little bit more bang for your buck.

The overall smaller and neater design of the Kovol charger gives it more aesthetic. Still, the objective plus here is that it comes with a 5ft USB-C charging cable specially designed with this charger to provide optimal charging efficiency. 

Furthermore, Kovol offers a 24-month warranty for total peace of mind for the buyer.

So what do you think? Which one do you like and which one would you choose to buy?

You can let us know in the comments below.

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