charge a phone without a charger

8 Ways to Charge a Phone Without a Charger

This article explains how to charge a phone without a phone charger, such as using a hand-crank charger or a solar charger. All these methods require a charging cable or a wireless charging pad that is compatible with your iPhone or Android device.

charge a phone

Charge Your Phone with a USB Port

You will need a charging cable compatible with your phone for this process. You can charge your phone by plugging it into your laptop or finding alternative USB ports.

  1. Most USB ports in airports and some coffee shops offer sufficient power to recharge a typical smartphone. Some hotels even include USB ports in their lamps and bedside tables. They generally have a USB-A shape, the end of the rectangular cable that you typically use to charge your phone.
  1. Insert the charging cable's USB end into the USB port.
  1. Connect the opposite end to your phone.

Charge Your Phone With a Power Bank

Some forethought is required to use this strategy.

  1. All modern power banks can charge your smartphone, though not all of them may support fast charging (even if your phone does).
  1. If you won't have access to your regular phone charger, charge your power bank in advance and remember to bring it with you (or carry it with you at all times).
  1. Although each power bank will differ slightly, generally, you need to turn it on and plug the charging cable into your phone.

Emergency Phone Charges with Hand-Crank Chargers

Because a hand-crank charger does not require any electrical power, it is ideal for outdoor adventures or emergencies. To use a hand-crank charger, connect the charging cable to the charger and your phone, then crank the charger until you get a usable charge.

Tips: It may take some time before you receive a usable charge. Some hand-crank models include built-in batteries, allowing you to charge the battery and then use it to charge your phone.

Use an Environmentally Friendly Solar Charger

You can purchase solar banks with integrated USB ports to charge your phone and other electronic devices. A solar-powered charger is yet another excellent option for outdoor activities because it only needs sunlight to function. Generally speaking, solar chargers either directly charge the phone or use sunlight to charge a battery inside the unit that is then used to assess the phone.

  1. Position the charger so it can be charged by the sun, or strap it to your backpack while hiking.
  2. Connect your phone's charging cable to the charger.

Use the Car Charger to Recharge Your Phone

Most contemporary automobiles have USB ports that can be used to recharge mobile devices. If not, an adapter that fits the lighter port can be purchased.

  1. Switch your vehicle to the accessory mode or start it.
  1. Connect your phone to the other end of the charging cable, which is plugged into your car's USB port or adapter.

Make Charging Simple by Using a Wireless Charger

If your smartphone supports wireless charging, you only need to place it on the charging pad.

Note: When using a fast wireless charger, fast wireless charging is automatically turned on. Depending on the device or wireless charging cover, the indicator light on the front of the charging duo, stand, or pad may operate differently. With a wireless charger, charging is simple because no wires can get in the way.

Get a Backpack With a Built-in Battery

Why bring a separate battery when you can carry a backpack that includes one? Backpacks with integrated batteries are a convenient way to always have a battery on hand, especially if you require all the storage that such a backpack provides.

On the market, a variety of backpacks with built-in batteries are available. To determine which one best suits your cellphone's characteristics, speak with a technology or mobile expert.

Make Use of a Wood-Fired Charger

You may be puzzled, but it's true—a wood-fired camp stove that generates electricity and has a USB port for charging a phone! You can also cook food and boil water over an open flame, which comes in handy when there is no power. (Of course, you'll want to use this outside to avoid accidentally starting a fire inside the house.)

Note: The urban legend that you can charge your phone with fruit is technically true, but it takes a lot of fruit and additional equipment. As a result, it is impractical and not advised.

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