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Can I Charge My Power Bank with 2 Chargers?

Is there anything worse than 'low battery' anxiety? We're all increasingly relying on wonderful mobile technologies such as smartphones to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. While these devices have become extremely power-efficient, there is still a long way from only needing to recharge them once every few days. What do you rely on for charging a phone if there aren't any outlets to plug into?

The power bank is thought to be almost everyone's answer! Thanks to these compact bricks of various sizes, you can store enough juice to keep your phone topped up for days. Power banks have probably saved you without any outlets, but most people use them without knowing anything about them. To help you be a more informed user (and buyer) of power banks, here are some essential facts to remember before you use one again.

power bank

Is It Safe to Charge My Power Bank with 2 Chargers?

Using two chargers to charge a power bank simultaneously seems extremely risky. Power banks typically have a dedicated charging port for fast charging. After all, no manufacturer says you can use two chargers to charge the power bank simultaneously.

You should correctly follow the manufacturer's charging instructions to charge the power bank. It could be risky and potentially harmful to the power bank to use extra ports or multiple charging devices to recharge it.

Additionally, using two chargers simultaneously will make the charger unstable and damage the charger. The charge control resides in the power bank circuit. A regulated power supply powers the charger. The circuit control of the power bank determines the charging result. Errors will occur if two chargers are used simultaneously.

How to Charge a Power Bank?

The power bank is an external battery. It can charge your phone when you're out and about with no power sockets nearby. However, your power bank has to be charged to charge your devices on the go. It is easy to charge a power bank, especially since most come with instruction manuals. Even if yours didn't come with one, you can still easily charge it without breaking a sweat!

Step 1: Connect the cable to the power bank

Firstly, check the LED lights when you charge your power bank. Power banks typically have 4 LED lights on the side. As the battery drains, the lights will turn off. Wait until only 1 or 2 lights are on before charging your power bank. While a power bank can be charged anytime, unnecessary charging can shorten its lifespan.

Step 2: Plug the other side of the cable into your power source

Plug your power bank into a wall outlet as possible, or you also can connect it to a computer or laptop. It will take longer to be charged fully on a computer than a wall charger.

Step 3: Let the power bank charge

Check the indicator light periodically as your power bank starts charging. It would help if you did not charge your power bank for longer than necessary. Most power banks can be fully charged within 1-2 hours. Once it is fully charged, all indicator lights will turn on.

Step 4: Once fully charged, disconnect the power

Once all indicator lights are illuminated, it appears that your power bank is fully charged, and you can turn the power off.

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