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9 Tips to Charge Your Android Phone Faster

Here are some helpful tips for charging your Android phone faster. There are three main directions to speed up the charging of your device. On the one hand, always ensure that the current goes into the phone as strongly as possible when charging and reduce losses during transmission. Also, minimize the amount of power your phone uses while charging. Additionally, make sure your phone isn't too hot or too cold.

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1. Charge Your Android Phone with A fast Charger

There is no doubt that fast charging can greatly improve the charging efficiency of our Android phones. But please check compatibility before purchasing. This check includes whether your phone supports fast charging. And if so, how many watts it supports? For example, if your Android phone is Galaxy S22 Ultra that supports 45W super-fast charging, the watt of the fast charger you choose must be compatible.

Here is a powerful charger named Kovol Sprint 140W PD 2-Port GaN Wall Charger to introduce. This fast charger supports PD 3.1/PPS/QC 3.0, compatible with most devices like cell phones, tablets, and USB-C laptops. Its GaN technology makes complete charging protection and is also portable for your trip.

2. Use a Wall Socket or Desktop Charger

I'm sure we've all had the experience of using a USB port on a computer or car to charge extremely inefficiently. But we use a wall socket or desktop charger will greatly improve the charging efficiency.

The amperage of wall or desktop chargers is usually 1A and above, while non-wall socket USB ports only offer a power output of 0.5A. Therefore, using a wall or desktop charger to increase the amperage is also a good option for faster charging.

3. Purchase a Power Bank

If you often travel all day and need to charge your Android phone while on the go. Then the power bank is a lifesaver. Same as a wall charger, many power banks offer the same current output, in some cases, even more.

4. Turn off Battery-draining Features Like Location, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location, and similar services can consume a lot of battery if they run in the background without turning them off while your phone is charging. So turn them off, and you'll find your device charges significantly faster.

5. Disable Background Processing of Applications

Background processing apps are also draining your Android phone, lowering the charging efficiency to a certain extent. What followed is that the mobile phone's battery is damaged, and the charging speed will be slower next time.

6. Avoid Quick Recharges & Overnight Charging

The battery in any smartphone comes with a certain number of charge cycles. If your phone is not unplugged in time after it is fully charged, the phone will enter a cycle of consuming and charging.

Paired with quick charging simultaneously, it greatly impacts the battery's overall life and even slows down charging in the long run. Overnight charging works the same way as recharge. Maybe it won't damage the smartphone for a month or a week, but it will damage the battery and slow down charging for a long time.

7. Turn Your Phone off or Switch to Airplane Mode

Both ways can keep your phone from using any energy for continuous functions or connectivity, ensuring that every bit of power goes into the battery to charge faster.

8. Take off the Phone Case

Currently, all smartphones are built-in lithium-ion batteries. How they work suggests that the charging process works more efficiently when the battery is cool. It is a fact that the phone case hinders the heat dissipation of the phone, so it is necessary to remove the phone case when charging. But also be careful not to leave the phone in an extremely cold environment. It will also deplete the battery's life and reduce the charging speed.

9. Limit Your Phone Usage While It's Charging

Please try not to use your phone when it is plugged into a phone charger. Using your phone while it's charging slows down its charging speed. In particular, using intensive applications such as games can make the phone hot.

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures will damage a smartphone's battery. In conclusion, resist the urge to play games, watch videos, and browse social media while your phone is tethered to the charger. In other words, don't use your handset when charging.

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