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What Does 2022 Have in Store for Us?

What Does 2022 Have in Store for Us?

Predictions and hopes for 2022

So with 2021 nearly behind us, we take a look forward to the New Year ahead. But before that, a quick reflection on the year just past.

2021 was a challenging year to say the least. A myriad of changes politically and globally, as well as the ongoing health crisis. But against a backdrop of chaos, comes a sense of renewal and that maybe things will change for the better, soon. In a situation where change is needed, there sometimes has to be a disruption to the status quo, otherwise nothing will ever change. We have certainly seen a lot of disruption during the past couple of years. But fear not because 2022 is here to save us!

What Does A Prediction Expert Have To Say About 2022?

We reached out to seer and prediction expert, Heston Apollo. Heston is no Nostradamus, but he does know his stuff when it comes to future world matters, basing his predictions on a combination of astrology, numerology, and analysis of past and current global themes.

What Can We Expect?

Expect a practical year where a lot gets done, Heston explains. It will be a bold year where communication between nations will be important, and this is where we might see problems, as countries will tend to act with self-interest first. There will be advances in big industry or any area where new inventions, improvements or creations are made that offer practical solutions. This includes technology and medicine, or anything large and mechanical, such as vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft and buildings. In the area of technology, artificial intelligence stands to make big strides in the coming years, as does things like augmented reality, self-driving vehicles and space exploration. In addition, the world is moving into a new phase of evolution and environmental concerns will be a priority in all areas.


2    0    2    2 = 6
2    2   4  = 8
4   6 = 10


From a numerology point of view, we can see from the above number triangle that the year is dominated by even numbers, right up until the final number - which is 1, reduced from the 10 (1+0). Even numbers are very good for practical matters and we have them in abundance. The 2, 4, and 6 line-up offers even more support to this and I expect a relatively stable year due to the two 4s, which usually provide a good foundation. The final 1 sees boldness and independence, along with being a little bit self-interested or imposing on others. The 1 wants to make its mark on the world, and it is supported in achieving that by the other numbers. To some extent, the lack of 3s and 5s here is a good thing because that would only muddy the waters and make things more chaotic.

Advancement but with a Changing Tide

It will seem as if anything is possible, and the practical focus placed on the year will see more advancement and enable more to be achieved than typically would in any given year. However, this will be a double-edged sword and as noted above, it may see tensions rise between nations. There may be a ‘me first’ attitude emanating from some countries, with hints of secrecy also playing a part. Countries may be suspicious of each other and will keep their cards close to their chest. This could be detrimental to the sharing of new discoveries which could benefit everyone. Some nations may place their needs first, or act as if they matter more.

All-in-all, it should be a fairly stable year (comparatively speaking) than others we have seen recently. But there is still this battle of wills between nations (and perhaps within nations) which will keep rearing its head. Political turmoil may be experienced as people’s mindsets evolve, and there will be a feeling of wanting to discard anything that isn’t working or serving its purpose. Protests may increase.

I expect for smaller nations, communication and cooperation may improve, and we may see new or regional alliances being formed by countries who feel they are ‘out of the loop’ so to speak, of the matters that really churn with the big players. Or it may be that out of concern for what they see as a less stable world, that for their own sake want to be more reliant on themselves and each other than the world as a whole.

Potential for Success

It really is a year that if we want to achieve something on a practical level, we should just put the effort in, because there is potential for getting a lot done that will yield beneficial results. The word ‘practical’ keeps coming up. It’s not really a year to sit back and watch things go by. It’s a year to be bold and get things done. If you want to invent something or build a new house, 2022 is the year to start that as the chance of succeeding is higher than other years.

Investments may be favorable but it should be investments in real-world tangible assets, i.e. property, aerospace, shipbuilding, technology, medicine. Avoid cryptocurrencies and financial market speculation as a means of investment (unless you are well-advised and thinking long-term). 2022 should be a year to consider investment gains in the long-run, as returns from short-term investments will not be favorable.

Career wise, it would be good (especially the first half of 2022) for anyone who is looking for work, or anyone looking to change jobs or careers. People who are currently employed may see their stock rise as they become more valuable to their company. Companies will appreciate their employees more and value their importance. Advancement and/or promotion are real prospects but you will have to be alert and keep your nose to the grindstone as other colleagues may be asserting themselves too. Even if promotion isn’t on the agenda or is unachievable, work life should still be pretty stable for most, and achievements can be made if you remain committed and focused.

Moving On...

As I mentioned earlier, 2022 should see good advancements in medicine, and I expect of course this relates to vaccines and other treatments which become more effective, so we should see a new era begin to emerge with regards to the health crisis the world has been facing.

In a nutshell, if the world can get through 2022 without any new major global problem, it should feel by the end of the year like a lot was achieved, and in some way that a new beginning is starting. As well as creating the building blocks for moving forward, 2022 is a good year to let go of the problems of the past and anything we’ve outgrown or anything that isn’t serving us anymore. To some extent, 2022 could shape the rest of the decade.

--Heston Apollo

What about you?

So there you have it, 2022 looks full of potential and based on what Heston says, it will be a practical year and one that is good for achievements and getting things done. If you’re one that struggles to stick to New Year’s resolutions, this could be the year to finally achieve what you set out to do at the start of the year.

We want to hear your thoughts for the coming year, so let us know in the comments how you think 2022 will turn out and what hopes or dreams you have, as well as any New Year’s resolutions you want to make. In addition, stay-tuned to the Kovol Blog for an upcoming article which will take a look at product and tech releases we can expect to see in 2022.

Finally, we wish you and your family a Happy New Year laden with blessings!

The Kovol Blog Team


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