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Simple But Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Home

Simple But Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Home

Brighten the mood this spring by following these tips

With spring time soon on the way, what better way to cheer up your home and living space by making some upgrades to freshen the feeling. Forget major works… Here, we focus on easy and simple ways that’ll have your home ready for that spring-time feeling. Most of these ideas don’t require much time, and at most will only cost a few hundred bucks, if that. One is even free! It’s the small things that make a big difference, as they say. And with that in mind, the idea is to make small upgrades throughout the home to enhance your living environment and lift the mood as we head out of winter and into the new season.

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1 | Add flowers

There is no easier way to lift the mood of any room than by adding fresh flowers. Flowers have some magical touch that makes any room feel brighter and lighter. Whether it’s simple roses in the entry hallway, or an elaborate living-room bouquet, flowers add a nice touch to any home. For spring, choose light colors such as whites, pinks and yellows. In addition, place the flowers in a clear glass vase which allows the vivid green stems to accent the floral colors.

2 | Repaint your front door

For an easy exterior upgrade that’ll improve the aesthetic value of your home, yet won’t burn a hole in your pocket, look to the front door. If you have a wood front door, painting or varnishing it is easy. Before you grab the paint and overalls though, you may want to consider removing the door as this will make the process of painting it easier, especially around the hinges, as well as for sanding down, if necessary.

3 | Construct a gallery wall

A gallery wall adds a new dynamic to any room and can completely re-energize an otherwise dull room. Consider the area of wall that you want to turn into a gallery wall and then get an idea of what size frames you’ll need and how many. Go online and take a look to see what’s a good match for the room you want to transform. Additionally if you use Command Strips to hang them, you can easily change the placement without damaging the wall.

4 | Add a welcome door mat

Another very simple but effective exterior add-on, a welcome mat is always there to greet you when you arrive home, so choose a good-quality one that you like. Many have warm messages printed on them which adds a nice friendly touch for visitors and friends.

5 | Add or replace porch lighting

Staying with the porch, the type of lighting you have here (if any) can say a lot about your property to neighbors, visitors and people passing by. As well as setting a nice evening tone, soft and warm hues at the entryway can add a touch of class to your property, as well as being of practical use too.

6 | Entryway vignette

Nothing is more welcoming when you step into your home than a nice entry piece. If you’ve got a small table or side board in the entrance of your home, why not don it with fresh flowers, spring-scented candles, picture frames and fragrances?

7 | Repaint base boards

Over time, baseboards can become quite worn out and it’s easy to forget how they once looked when they were new. Repainting baseboards is a fairly simple task, but can make a room look much more vibrant. While doing it, also check for cracks between the baseboard and the wall and be sure to fill these in before painting over them.

8 | Create a living landscape

When spring arrives, there is no better time to bring the outdoors indoors, so why not set up a space for some potted plants or succulents? This not only has great visual appeal but placing plants in the home can also elevate your mood.

9 | Replace drawer and cabinet handles/knobs

If you want a quick home improvement that can be done on a tiny budget, try replacing draw and cabinet door handles. Swapping out tired and outdated handles and knobs is a subtle move that can refresh furniture in minutes. Take a look online and see what you like. Changing the handles is super-easy and in most cases, all you need is a screwdriver.

10 | Replace light switch plates and power outlet covers

Similarly to replacing the drawer and cabinet handles, this is a home improvement that does not take all day and will not cost the earth either, but can smarten up the look of a room. It can really add a nice accent to any room to simply replace basic plastic switch plates and outlet covers with some higher quality ones.

11 | Add or update throw pillows

If your throw pillows are worn or are beginning to resemble something like pancakes through years of use, it was time to replace them long ago. Exchange them for some plump and puffed up new ones with light spring colors and materials, such as linen and cotton. Steer clear of darker colors, unless they are particularly suited to a certain theme you have.

12 | Rearrange a room

Something as simple as rearranging the furniture of a room can pay dividends for giving it a new feel and look. The best part is, it costs absolutely nothing! At the same time, you can also give the room a thorough clean, and access all the spaces that were hard to clean before. If you feel like it, you could add some wall art or paintings for a fresher look too.

So there are 12 ways you can make simple and easy upgrades to your home for this coming spring, none of which need a huge amount of time or money. You don’t need a luxury home to feel comfortable in your living space, even the smallest of rooms can be made to feel cozy.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you probably know tons of other tips and hacks on some simple home upgrades, so let us know in the comments below! And if you are more into tech, don’t forget our article on essential smart home devices.

That’s it from us here. Stay tuned for more articles, news, product releases and exclusive discounts, right here on The Kovol Blog.

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