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Kovol Sprint 20W PD Wall Charger - Connect Series

Kovol Sprint 20W PD Wall Charger - Connect Series

The Eagerly Awaited Connect Series Has Arrived | BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT!

The Kovol Connect Series of PD wall chargers is now up and running. The first offering in this brand-new line of wall chargers is the 20W PD Sprint Wall Charger - Connect with foldable prongs. It’s now on sale to the general public and can be purchased directly from both Kovol and Amazon. Retailing at an attractive $19.99, this super-compact powerhouse measures just 1.57x1.57x1.1 inches and outputs enough power to boost an iPhone 13 to 50% battery in just 25 minutes. In addition to the introductory price, new customers can also get a 20% OFF Black Friday discount when they purchase directly from Kovol by using “KVBLFD20” at checkout. So don’t miss out!

Size: 1.57”L*1.57”W*1.1”H

This attractive little cube is packed full of the latest charging technology, and features PD 3.0 (20W) & QC 3.0 (18W) charging protocols for quick-charging of iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and other USB-C compatible devices. It’s compact size means you can slip it in your pocket or handbag… great for travel, and the foldable prongs eliminate the chance of scratching other items.

As with all Kovol chargers, strict in-house testing ensures all chargers meet the latest industry safety standards. In addition, it’s integrated with all the usual safety features you would expect, such as surge, overcharge and high-temperature protection.

Furthermore, all Connect Series chargers come with a warranty of 12 months, plus a further extension of 12 months upon product registration.

Here’s a rundown of a few of the features and capabilities of the Kovol Sprint 20W PD Wall Charger:

  • The 20W PD output can charge an iPhone 13 up to 50% in just 25 minutes.
  • It can charge ALL your USB-C powered smartphones and tablets.
  • Ultra-compact design makes it easily fit into crowded power strips.
  • Complete safety, including overheat and overcharge protection.
  • Up to 24-month warranty.

So how can you get one? The Kovol Sprint 20W PD Wall Charger - Connect is available directly from Kovol with your 20% OFF Black Friday discount! Just use “NEW20” at checkout. Alternatively, it can also be purchased from Amazon.

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Thank you and we wish you Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!

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