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Awesome Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Loved One

Awesome Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Loved One

Fall in love with these romantic ideas



When Valentine’s Day comes around, there is no better feeling that that of spending some quality time with the one you love. Whether you’re stuck for ideas or just looking for some inspiration, here at Kovol we have got it covered.

Valentine’s Day can be magical for a couple in a strong relationship, but if things aren’t so rosy at present for you and your loved one, Valentine’s Day is a great time to get over any hurdles and leave any mishaps in the past. Think of Valentine’s Day as the first day of the year from your relationship’s point of view, and use that as a springboard to move on.

So, what can you do? Of course you can splash the cash on Valentine’s Day for a special gift if you want to, but there are many cute and wonderful things you can do which don’t cost much, or even anything at all. Read on for 14 ways you can spend a wonderful February 14 with the special one in your life.

Cook a meal together

Whether it’s mouth-watering bacon-wrapped fillets, or a sumptuous seared steak with beautiful Cajun fries, there is no end of choices when it comes to a romantic dinner for two. Why not try something totally new that both of you can have a go at creating together? No romantic meal is complete of course, without a gorgeous bottle of wine or bubbly. You could also try cooking up an extravagant breakfast by trying something like pecan pie French toast. Just do a simple search online for some great recipe ideas.

Take a scenic walk

Ahhh… Fewer things are more romantic than taking a scenic walk in beautiful countryside with your loved one. Find some off-beat paths where you two will likely have the place to yourselves. Wrap up warm for chilly February and prepare some hot chocolate in advance to take with you. Be sure to snap some selfies for sweet memories of the day.

Play a game

When was the last time you played a proper game? Pull out your old board games from under the stairs, or if you feel like it, shop online for some couple’s oriented games with flirty themes. You might be surprised at how much closer this brings you to your partner.

Take an online class

A cocktail making class is just perfect for Valentine’s Day. Let the juices flow while learning something new you both enjoy. If drinking isn’t your thing, then consider both your interests and find a class for something you can both have fun at.

Make a photo album/scrap book of your relationship

This is romantic fun at its best as you both reminisce over past memories together. Prepare what you need in advance and get all the photos printed off. When it’s time to make it, prepare a romantic setting with some music, and of course the wine!

Chocolate and wine tasting

The perfect combination? Two Valentine’s Day classics that go together like, well… chocolate and red wine. Don’t go for your usual red though, try something fancy or more expensive than what you usually get. It is Valentine’s Day after all. And the same goes for the chocolate.

Movie night

A classic Valentine’s Day evening spent cozied up on the couch with your partner. Don’t forget the chocolate! (…and wine). Combine the previous activity above with a decent movie, and you have almost got the perfect Valentine’s night.

Make handicraft items for your home

Got creative talent? Why not make some stylish home craft items for the coming spring. Or if you prefer, bake some romantically shaped cookies with sweet messages written in icing. Search online for ideas and inspiration.

Book a staycation

Everybody likes to stay in a nice hotel or spa. Why not treat yourself? It’s only one night of the year. Choose a hotel that has a Valentine’s Day special package for some extra his & hers treatment.

Do something adventurous (skydiving etc.)

For those who like a different kind of adrenaline rush on Valentine’s Day, do something daring, such as bungy jumping, skydiving or even go-karting for something a bit tamer. You could even surprise your loved one by dressing it up as going out for something ordinary, only to tell them at the last minute!

Hire a bouncy castle for just the two of you

This is a bold idea that will bring out the kid in you and would be a whole lot of fun too! Not your typical Valentine’s Day activity, but if you want to try something different and you have space in your yard for a bouncy castle, you could totally surprise your partner when they arrive home.

Play chess together over wine and cheese

If you and your partner are more sophisticated, and bouncy castles aren’t your thing, then this romantic night in would steal the heart of any queen (or king). Play some gentle music in the background to further unwind and slip into the mood.

Make a heart-shaped pizza

If there was ever a time for heart-shaped food, it is now. A cute idea is that you can make a heart-shaped pizza base, and then you both decorate half of the pizza for each other to eat. You can use the favorite ingredients of your lover or add something new you think he or she might like.

Go on a Road Trip

Rev up your romance by hitting the road with your soulmate. It can be a wonderful experience, and whether you plan a route in advance or just explore new places and go wherever the road takes you, you’ll bound to have a good time.

Whatever you choose to do, we wish a very happy and safe Valentine’s Day!

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