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All The Questions You Ever Wanted to Ask Google

All The Questions You Ever Wanted to Ask Google

If you think what’s the time is the most exciting thing you can ask Google, then you’re in for a big surprise… Read to the end to find out.


The ultimate resource for finding the answer to just about any question in the universe, Google is the fountain of knowledge for curious—if not slightly uninitiated—minds across the globe. Granted, some questions are dubious, while some are downright pointless. Others are humorous, and some with actual hints of intellectual inquisitiveness. Read on to find out what some of the most asked questions on Google are.

It actually turns out the most asked question on Google is somewhat of an anticlimax. And no, it isn’t What time is it? (that’s next). The #1 question in the world that most people need an answer to is What is my IP? Of course, why wouldn’t it be? It seems of no practical use to know it, yet 3.35 million people ask Google this every month.

Ok, so next up is What time is it? Never quite get this one as anybody that’s a using a device to do a search on Google, has the time right there on the screen anyway. But hey-ho, don’t let that stop you from pestering the #1 search engine in the world for the time. After all, it’s your time, not theirs.

So with those two out of the way, the questions get slightly (he says sarcastically) more interesting and worthy. In at #3 is How to register to vote? Ok, now we’re talking! This question gets you somewhat more meaningful answers than the last two, which is probably why it brings in 1.22 million searches each month.

Don’t get too excited though as we’re brought straight back down to earth by question #4, which asks the exceedingly practical question of How to tie a tie? Don’t laugh, it’s a fair question. While there are millions of men across the globe that wear a tie daily, there are many more that only wear a tie for an infrequent occasion, such as a wedding or a job interview, and other such events. For this reason How to tie a tie? brings in 673,000 searches each month.

The next question on the list might have you a bit confused, as it did me. The #5 most searched question on Google is Can you run it? Run what I hear you say, which is exactly what Google’s algorithm must be screaming back at the user. Well here’s the answer; It turns out it is an online tool that lets gamers test if their computer hardware has the ability to run the latest and most popular games on the market.

In at #6 is What song is this? What song, folks? Are they expecting Google to read their minds? It actually turns out that you don’t need type this question into Google. You can just hit the microphone button on the search bar and ask Google what song is this, then play the song. In addition to that, you don’t even need to play the song if your whistling or humming skills are up to scratch.

Next up is the #7 most asked question on Google, which is… (drum roll please) How to lose weight? Well this one’s easy, stop eating food is the answer. Seriously though, there are many healthy ways to lose weight, just search for yourselves.

At #8 is another very practical question, and is How many ounces in a cup? I’d say it depends on how big the cup is, but I’m not very smart. Indeed, the standard unit measurement of a cup is eight ounces. Next!

Okay, at #9 is a question nobody wants to forget the answer to, which is When is Mother’s Day? Yes, forgetting Mother’s Day can have grave consequences, so we can gladly tell you that in the USA, Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of May, while over in the UK, Mother’s Day is related to Easter and falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Either way, both dates are different each year which makes remembering them a pain.

Question #10 has a lot in common with question #8 and asks How many ounces in a pound? The answer being 16. It sounds like a question people would commonly know the answer to, yet 450,000 people ask Google this each month.

The list goes on and on with questions like, How many weeks in a year, When is father’s day, How to get pregnant, How old is Donald Trump, How to download YouTube videos, How to make pancakes… etc. All these questions receive between 450,000 and 301,000 Google searches each month.

So that is the top 10 questions searched on Google, every month.

As a sort of bonus fact (and to show off our research skills) we’re throwing in the 1000th most asked question on Google. It made me laugh when I saw it, so here it is. The 1000th most asked question on Google is… What does 69 mean? Facepalm. Yes, it really is, and while the majority of us (presumably) know the answer to this one, it gets 22,200 global monthly searches on Google.

For the complete list of the 1000 most asked questions on Google, head over to mondovo.

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